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Great companies depend on great talent in order to grow to the next level. With challenging hiring needs, they can turn to Recruitment Process Outsourcing. This is an agile hiring approach that helps keep costs under control.



What We Do

We like to learn all about your organization, the culture, and what talent will work best to help your organization thrive and succeed.


Whether it be one opening or an entire company, we’ve got you covered with our Recruitment Process Outsourcing Model. Depending on your recruitment needs, this could be part-time, full-time, or an entire recruitment team.


If you have one opening or 100 that need to be filled with great talent, we are here to fill those needs with the absolute best talent. If for any reason, a perm hire doesn’t work out (within 90 days), we replace them free of charge.


We understand the urgency of project work and have a team of recruiters that literally drop everything to ensure your projects are fully staffed on time (including short-term projects, long-term projects, and everything in between). We take on all Payroll, all insurance, workers comp, and liability so you don’t have to.


We are extremely well-educated in the world of HR. We stay on top of all of the laws and regulations and have extensive experience with employee relations.

Our Story

Fiona and Kelley first met 13 years ago when they were both Corporate Recruiters for a Fortune 500 company doing large volume, multi-functional, all level recruiting. Fiona had just moved from Europe where she was a Recruiter doing contract and Perm placements, while Kelley already had a ton of recruiting experience under her belt. In 2016, Purple Cow Recruiting was born.

Since then, Purple Cow Recruiting has grown and adapted to the ever-changing markets, always doing what is right for their clients. Purple Cow Recruiting is a team of extremely seasoned professionals that understand what Recruiting and HR need from a “corporate perspective” as well as from the agency’s side of the desk.

For every job we fill, we donate a portion of the profits to a school in need