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Standing Out Amongst Candidate Driven Markets

Standing Out Amongst Candidate Driven Markets

Standing Out Amongst Candidate Driven Markets

The Hiring Field is Tough: Make Your Company Known Amongst Candidate Driven Markets

We’re currently in the midst of a candidate-driven job market. Unemployment is at 50-year low, so job seekers have the luxury of being a bit more choosy about which offers they accept. Therefore, the challenge for employers in a candidate-driven market is to make sure that their company stands out amongst competitors. At Purple Cow, we are recruiting experts and wanted to offer these four tips to help your company rise above the competition and attract top talent in a crowded field.

Share Your Company’s Story

Recruitment starts long before a candidate even begins the job search. You should have a constant drip of information that lets potential candidates know what it’s like to work for your company. It’s just as important as marketing the services or goods you sell.

Highlight new hires and promotions, tout industry awards and recognition you’ve received, and make social media posts about any volunteer or community projects you’ve been involved in. Share anything that you think would make a potential employee say, “I’d love to work there.” If you do that, your company will have a distinct advantage over those who neglect to share their employee experience.

Live Your Brand

Creating a brand as an employer won’t make much of a difference if you and your employees aren’t living the brand. Your recruitment team, hiring managers, existing employees, interviewers, and human resources team should all know how to speak authentically about your brand and your value proposition so candidates hear a consistent message at every point in the recruitment and interview process. If your staff doesn’t know, or even worse, doesn’t believe in the value proposition you offer to employees, then candidates will pick up on that immediately. In a candidate-driven market, that’s enough to make potential candidates look elsewhere.

Look Beyond Social Media

Standing out in candidate driven markets means capturing people’s attention in a multitude of ways. An engaging social media presence is an obvious must-have for any company that wants to attract top talent. However, social media isn’t the only place where potential employees may come across your brand. Try to make sure you are seen in multiple ways, both online and off. For example:

  • “Table” at community events where you can talk directly to the public and hand-out recruitment materials.
  • Participate in job fairs and career days at local high schools and colleges. Remember, today’s students are tomorrow’s workers.
  • Make sure your website has a robust section on employment opportunities and employee life.
  • Set up e-mail or even direct mail campaigns targeted at potential employees.
  • Look for opportunities to speak at industry conferences.

Don’t Forget Your Most Valuable Asset

When it comes to standing out in candidate-driven markets, your existing employees can be your most valuable asset. Nobody knows what it’s like to work at your company better than your current employees do—and candidates know this. Publish quotes from satisfied employees on social media and highlight stories of career growth on your website. You can even arrange for current employees to chat with candidates about what it’s like to work for the company. Satisfied employees love to talk about their jobs. Take advantage of it.

Standing out as an employer of choice is difficult most of the time, but it can seem virtually impossible in a candidate-driven market. Try the techniques above to break away from the pack and get noticed by job seekers.

If you’re having trouble getting qualified candidates to your interview table, then Purple Cow Recruiting can help. Request a consultation with one of our staffing and recruiting experts today. We are a seasoned group of market research recruiters who are passionate about finding the best talent for your organization’s most tough-to-fill positions—from entry-level to CEO.