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The Future of Market Research Recruiters: What to Expect in the Coming Years

The Future of Market Research Recruiters: What to Expect in the Coming Years

The Future of Market Research Recruiters: What to Expect in the Coming Years

Advancements for Market Research Recruiters

The future of the market research industry is proving to be full of challenges, surprises, and opportunities. Market researchers will be more pressed than ever in the coming years to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape. They’ll be expected to deliver accurate, insightful solutions for clients with shorter turnaround times and smaller budgets. They’ll have new, increasingly powerful technologies to assist them, but that also means that they will have to take the time to learn new tools and develop specialized skillsets.

Of course, market researchers won’t be the only ones who will need to adapt to changes in the industry. Market research recruiters will need to quickly dial-in to the demands of the job market and find candidates who have the skills employers want. Admittedly, this is no easy task. However, at Purple Cow Recruiting, we are market research recruiting experts and wanted to offer the three the most important traits market research recruiters should look for in the candidates they’re scouting and connecting to employers in the ever-evolving market research industry.

  1. Technological savviness: Recruiters will need to find researchers who are embracing new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable faster analytics and report creation. Employers are more than happy to let the computers crunch the data, but they need people who know how the software works.
  2. Storytelling ability: The market researcher who spends most of their time generating reports is a thing of the past. With new technologies streamlining and automating data collection, market researchers are spending less time on report generation and more time on higher-level problem solving and storytelling. Ultimately, market research recruiters will have to find those candidates who can interpret data and tell clients exactly what the reams of information being generated by new technology means for the health of their client’s business.
  3. Agility and flexibility: Market researchers are going to be increasingly asked to be fast yet highly accurate, tech-savvy yet methodologically pure, detailed yet more adept at visual presentations than reports. The challenge for market research recruiters will be finding those candidates who can strike the right balance across each of these items, while remaining nimble enough to drift toward one end of the spectrum or the other depending on immediate client needs.

Though challenges and change lay ahead, there will always be a need for smart, flexible market researchers who teach and empower their clients. While technology and automation may be encroaching on the market researcher’s territory, people are always going to be needed to uncover key insights, implications, proper perspective, and context. The most successful market research recruiters of tomorrow are scouting today for market research experts who possess tech skills and the ability to provide bold, story-led, consultative solutions.

If you are in need of a top-level market research professional, then turn to Purple Cow Recruiting. We are a seasoned group of market research recruiters who are passionate about finding the best talent for your organization’s most tough-to-fill positions—from entry level to CEO.