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Top Three Challenges Companies Find in Healthcare IT Hiring and How We Solve Them

Challenges Compaies Find in Healthcare IT Hiring

Top Three Challenges Companies Find in Healthcare IT Hiring and How We Solve Them

Stay Mindful of These Healthcare IT Recruitment Challenges

Medical technology, such as electronic medical records, mobile apps, and “smart” patient-monitoring devices, enables healthcare professionals to deliver a higher quality of care to their patients. Technology will only continue to play an increasingly prominent role in medical settings, making the healthcare IT professional a crucial part of any healthcare team. However, the majority of healthcare companies and facilities are finding it extremely difficult to recruit top-level talent for these roles. At Purple Cow Recruiting, we’ve identified these three challenges of healthcare IT hiring as well as practical solutions.

Shortage of Experienced IT Professionals

Healthcare has lagged behind other industries when it comes to investing in information technology. Now they are scrambling to catch up, and hospitals and health systems are facing a tight supply of skilled IT healthcare managers and executives.

Many facilities have reacted to this shortage by hiring new graduates who not only have solid computer software training, but who also show a desire for continued learning and growth in a position. To attract these candidates, facilities may offer to subsidize continuing education and industry certifications. The candidate is more likely to stay with an employer who offers room for growth, and the facility benefits from their ever-expanding skillset.

Baby Boomers Reaching Retirement Age

Many healthcare facilities and hospitals dread the thought of losing some of their most valued IT staff to retirement. When you lose a member of your team, you’re not just losing just their productivity. You’re losing their knowledge base, their skills, and their experience. Who will have the knowledge and skills to replace them when they leave?

Fortunately, this problem can be resolved efficiently. First, encourage open collaboration between experienced employees and those just beginning to learn. That way, passing on knowledge is part of office culture. Also, make sure that knowledge, processes, and best practices are documented and kept in a shared folder on an intranet site.

Another solution is to give potential retirees the option to work part-time or on a contract basis. They’ll have more free time and continue to earn an income, while you’ll have their skills and expertise for one, five, or perhaps ten more years.

Lack of Position Awareness

The truth is that many potentially strong candidates don’t even know that healthcare IT is a career option. However, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for healthcare IT technicians is expected to significantly outpace job growth in many other industries. In other words, prospects for skilled healthcare IT workers could be very promising for candidates with solid computer software training.

To solve this problem, you have to let potential candidates know about the career opportunities at your organization. That’s where Purple Cow recruiting comes in. Finding time to properly research candidates and complete multiple interviews can be challenging for busy healthcare IT professionals. Relying on a dedicated recruiter that specializes in healthcare IT occupations will give you a leg up during your search. Allow our team to match you with the perfect candidate, while you focus your time and energy on what matters most-ensuring the longevity of your healthcare office.

The healthcare industry is one of the biggest service industries in the world, and its growth won’t stop any time soon. With the changes in technology, demand for new and more advanced skills has also increased. Highly-qualified healthcare IT professionals are needed now more than ever. There are challenges to finding healthcare IT professionals, but there are several easy-to-implement solutions available as well.

If you would like to discuss these and other solutions for attracting top-level healthcare IT professionals to your organization, then turn to Purple Cow Recruiting. We are a seasoned group of market research recruiters who are passionate about finding the best talent for your organization’s most tough-to-fill positions—from entry level to CEO.