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Great companies depend on great talent in order to grow to the next level. With challenging hiring needs, they can turn to Recruitment Process Outsourcing. This is an agile hiring approach that helps keep costs under control.

Why Use an Outsourced Recruiter to Hire Temporary Employees

Why Use an Outsourced Recruiter to Hire Temporary Employees

Why Use an Outsourced Recruiter to Hire Temporary Employees

Looking for Temporary Employees? Find a Recruiter First

If you’re an employer or hiring manager that depends on temporary employees, then you know how much time and effort it can take to get the right hires in the door. Many companies are turning to outside recruitment agencies to help them fill their temporary staffing needs. Whether you’re looking to hire a single or several hundred temporary employees, here are six reasons why you should consider partnering with a recruitment agency.

You’ll Save Money

Recent studies estimate that the cost of hiring can be at least $40,000 per employee. Much of that cost is tied up in the recruitment process, which includes creating job descriptions, advertising, conducting background checks, and interviewing. Taking on recruiting in-house just isn’t a wise investment of resources, especially if your organization is small and you don’t have a dedicated recruiter on staff. You’ll likely find yourself pulling other employees away from their main duties to help with recruitment, which may hurt the bottom line as well. Hiring a recruitment agency may be the most cost-effective and efficient way to get the temporary employees you need.

You’ll Get Better Quality Candidates

The goal of a recruitment agency is to fill jobs with qualified candidates, not just book interviews. When you use a recruitment agency, they do all the up-front work to screen for the best candidates. You’ll simply set-up interviews to see if they’re a good fit and make the hire. With an agency in place, you may find that you have fewer interviews, but those interviews will be with higher-quality candidates that you’ll be much more likely to bring on as temporary employees.

Your Recruiter Knows Your Company’s Culture

A good recruiting agency knows your company’s culture and the soft skills the right candidate will need to be a successful hire. For example, if you’re hiring for a department that’s known to be quiet, then your recruiter will know that someone who’s looking for a high-energy, social environment won’t be the right fit. Or, maybe you want someone who will be satisfied with a truly temporary position that has a beginning and an end. Your recruiter will know not to send you those who have hopes of starting out as temporary employees and becoming full-term employees within a year.

Your Recruiter Can Partner with Your In-House HR Team

Even if you have an in-house recruiter or human resources department, an outside agency can prove to be a wise investment, especially if you hire hundreds of temporary employees throughout the year. That level of hiring can be a strain on in-house resources. If you hire an outside agency, then your in-house person can be a dedicated point of contact. After the agency sends qualified candidates, then your in-house staff can set up the interviews, send out job offers, handle on-boarding, conduct training, and all other post-hire logistics. It’s a true partnership.

You Can Get a Great Full-Time Hire

If a critical team member is taking a family or medical leave, then you have no choice but to hire a temp to fill their spot. A recruiting agency will send you an excellent candidate. If the temp works out well, then you may want to bring him or her on full-time in another role after the on-leave employee returns.

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