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Great companies depend on great talent in order to grow to the next level. With challenging hiring needs, they can turn to Recruitment Process Outsourcing. This is an agile hiring approach that helps keep costs under control.

Why You Need a Recruiting Firm for C-Level Hiring

Why You Need a Recruiting Firm for C-Level Hiring

Why You Need a Recruiting Firm for C-Level Hiring

C-Level Hiring Requires Certain Expertise

The process of interviewing and hiring C-level or executive employees is often stressful, time-consuming and costly for most companies—even if things go right. In an ideal scenario, you’ll at least get a talented employee at the end of the process. But hiring the wrong candidate can cost upwards of $200,000 according to some estimates. Not only are there onboarding costs and training costs, but companies are paying the employee a salary, bonuses and providing benefits for however long they’re with the company. Then there are those invisible costs like loss of output, negative impact on team performance and the cost of a manager’s time.

To be certain, C-level hiring is no easy or inexpensive task. At Purple Cow Recruiting, we believe that partnering with a recruiting firm is the ideal way to get your company’s executive-level positions filled. Here are four reasons why you need a recruiting firm for C-level hiring.

Higher Quality C-Level Candidates

When hiring executives, the quality of the candidate is imperative. While you’re looking for exceptional talent, sometimes the very best just aren’t in the market for a new job. Executive recruiting companies seek out both active and passive candidates to ensure a vast pool of skilled individuals is available to our clients.

Reduction of Turnover

Hiring an executive recruitment firm to handle C-level hiring is an investment. They will ensure that candidates match your exact requirements and ensure that candidates align with your company culture and values. Such thorough vetting ensures that you put the right person in the right role and he or she has every intention of making a long-term commitment to the company.

Discreet C-Level Hiring

When looking for a C-level employee, it may be best to keep information confidential. Maybe the incumbent is still in the role. Perhaps that information getting out before you’re ready could impact the confidence of employees, customers and shareholders. By using an executive recruiting firm, you can rest assured that your job search is kept between you and the firm.

Time Savings

Even the best hiring managers struggle to devote time to hire executive level talent. Specific high-level recruitment firms, like Purple Cow, are able to dedicate full working hours to your company’s job search. Our dedicated recruiting team will bring you potential hires faster and more efficiently than what would be possible in-house.

Partnering with an experienced executive recruiting firm like Purple Cow Recruiting for your C-level hiring needs is the recruitment strategy your organization needs to attract and retain top executive talent. We’ve got a network of highly-skilled and experienced active and passive candidates that we can reach out to and get your C-level roles filled quickly with the ideal candidates.

For more information about how Purple Cow Recruiting can help you in your executive search, request a consultation with one of our staffing and recruiting experts today. We are a seasoned group of recruiters who are passionate about finding the best talent for your organization’s most tough-to-fill positions—from entry level to CEO.